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Hi! I am Bharat Goda, IT Professional since 2000. I am a fullstack developer, specialist in turning the most complex web system needs into high-level customised solutions that satisfy evolving business and user needs.

  • I deliver a broad spectrum of business-critical cloud software solutions for an equally diverse portfolio of medium to large-sized businesses.
  • I design, develop and deliver user-friendly, scalable, maintainable, robust software programs that will work exactly the way you want it to.
  • I partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world.


I use the best technologies for softwre development such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, Rest API, Android, iOS, Oracle, Postgresql...

Custom Software

I make custom software affordable for SMEs, enabling them to outperform their competitors with slashing inefficiencies, squashing the critical mistakes that are costing you money & customers, delighting customers with exceptional automated servicing.

Systems Integration

When it comes to integrated system solutions, my technical knowledge and experience is as wide-ranging and in-depth as my software and database development expertise.

UX/UI Design

I am smart, intelligent and clever enough to convert your business requirements into an excellent user-friendly UX/UI design and protype the same.

Superior Support

No matter where I am, with everything cloud-based, I can implement the changes within 24 hours and bug fixing asap.


I have worked for many different industries: Stock Exchange, Finance, Marketing, Health-care, Defence, Banking, Telecom & Manufacturing. My clients include IBM, GE Finance, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Carreker, Sydney Water, Telstra, Ricoh, Australia Defence and ISO 9000 companies.


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The following are the appreciations received in different projects.

Himanshu Mishra called me a GEM.

Himanshu Mishra, PM

G3, Mumbai

"Well-done job Bharat, the client IBM (Malaysia) is very happy with our work."

Srinivas, Sales

G3, Mumbai

“Bharat, you are doctor of programming.”

Sean King, PM

GE Finance, Tokyo

"Bharat Goda has worked for IBM head office in a Market Aligmnent Project."

Srinivas Seetharaman, PL


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